Estate Planning

Kearney and Macdonald works with our Clients to prepare and execute an Estate plan so that our Clients can have peace of mind that their wishes will be carried out.  Our Attorney’s realize that reflecting on what will happen when you pass is a difficult and emotional time, and will work closely with you to determine how best to protect your interests and provide for your family in the manner in which you choose.   Some of the varied services our attorneys provide are:

Wills – Our attorney’s are highly skilled in working with you to draft a will individual to your specific needs.  We can work with you to craft a document that address your unique family dynamic, assets, and any other specific plans that you have for your Estate.

Health Care Documents – One of the most difficult situations that people neglect to plan for is an unexpected Medical Event. By placing the appropriate Health Care documents in place, you can ensure that you will retain control of who will decide your medical care, that your wishes regarding specific medical conditions and outcomes are respected and carried out, and that you are in control. Our attorney’s can work with you to ensure that no matter what happens, your medical care will be your choice, not a Courts.

Trusts -  Trusts are one of the most vital yet misunderstood vehicle in Estate Planning. A properly drafted Trust can be the difference between your loved ones spending tens of thousands in probate Court or simply the much reduced costs to file a Probate of your will.  Our highly trained attorney’s will work closely with you to determine if your situation requires a trust, and explain the benefits of putting a trust in place.